Rota Blitz replica of BBS CH ?

Rota Blitz replica of BBS CH ?

“Replica” is a top search next to the words “BBS CH” so plenty are looking for a wheel like the Rota Blitz. It’s an example of how Rota preform a legitimate part of the market where consumers want a potentially lower quality product, with the looks out of the box of a premium product but at that lower price point.

With a wide variety of sizes and offsets the Rota Blitz is  particularly popular with euro cars like the BMW Mini, Mk3, Mk4 and Mk6 Volkswagen Golf and the Seat Leon.

rota blitz


The Rota comes in significantly cheaper that the list price for BBS CH wheels which have a similar design. Imitating a German manufactured wheel is a evolution in Rota’s modus operandi, but not all that surprising. I hope you agree that despite the clear rip off the BBS looks far superior and I hope you make the right decision going German made over Philipino made.




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