Rota R Spec replica JDM ITR alloy wheels

Rota R Spec replica JDM ITR alloy wheels

Both the Euro and the Honda scenes love OEM wheel swaps and Honda fan boys get what they want with the Rota Spec R, a replica of JDM ITR (Japanese Domestic Market Integra Type R) alloy wheels.

With more options for fitment (specifically adding 4×100) and the guarantee that the wheels aren’t bent or broken Rota R Spec is a popular choice among enthusiasts who want ┬áthe JDM ITR look on their cars.

rota r spec


The lines are blurred into “fake” territory as most people swap the centre caps out for Honda badges to try and emulate the full OEM look; although the trained eye can spot small differences that indicate the wheels true origin.

Also of note is the Sprint SW98 which is also a copy of the OEM design and almost exclusively use the Honda Logo and again come in a range of fitments that are not available on the OEM design.

sprint sw98 wheels

An OEM 98 spec wheel:

JDM ITR wheels


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